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Full Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instruments


With Most Convenient Experience You Never Know!
  More than 100,000 veterinarians & feedlots are using in the world!
• 5.7’high resolution display.
• Check the animals uterine function and fetal status to increase the chance of pregnancy.
• Auto-calculated backfat and lean percentage.
• USB supports large-capacity flash disk(Support file management, software upgrade and one-key storage function).
• The whole machine is splash-proof, dust-proof and easy to clean.
• Exporting EXCEL table is convenient for users to manage pregnancy test records.
• Obstetric measurement : bovine,equine,ovine,canine,feline,goat,swine and llama.
• Multiple using modes.
• 8 grids for quick measuremend.
• More than 6 hours work.