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Contromed systems is a high quality Stress Testing PC-ECGs with a traditional ECG patient cable. It meets the most advanced requirements for Clinical Exercise Testing. A powerful software allows to control how diagnostic reports are measured, acquired, displayed and printed. High resolution ECG processing,permits reliable ST-measurements and arrhythmia detection. The ECG screen display provides exceptionally clear tracing for real-time view and on screen measurements.In addition to the advantage that Contromed Systems’ centralized approach offers, our clients also receive unparalleled customer service and technical support from any of our four centrally located global offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. we are specially dealership of biomedical system(BMS)

Analysis Software System Main Features:

Software compatible with over 15 treadmills

Analog ECG output for Stress Echocardiography

High resolution ECG processing

Full Disclosure and Scroll back during the test

ST segment, ST slopes, Trends

Retrospective ECG and arrhythmia analysis even during test

Large Display with touch screen

Standard and user defined Exercise Protocols