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Full Digital Mechanical Sector Scanning Ultrasonic Diagnostic Scanner


• Latest cortex-m4 embedded control system + mini-ultrasound technology hardware system; A scan and B scan.
• 3.5″ high resolution color LCD, smart, light and portable, suitable for outdoor use.
• Measure back fat thickness, loin muscle thickness and lean percentage.
• 3 kinds scale of image display.
• With U disk, image and measured data can be stored in Excel table, easy for data management processing.
• Unique character hidden function,automatically hidden in the setting time.
• System automatically freeze and protect probe with time setting.
• Customized languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and etc.
• Lithium battery: Large capacity (2600mAh), working time≧ 300 minutes.
• Net weight: 620g.