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This system is versatile enough to offer the full suite of functions of DR, with the added option of performing a wide range of flouroscopic and cine examinations as well. A perfect match for the fluctuating needs of modern radiological departments.


Position the system Anywhere and experience how examinations such as axial hip and patella skyline exposures are faster, easier and more comfortable to perform on a system that is truly flexible. Use this flexibility to perform exposures on patients who are standing, lying in a patient bed, or sitting in a wheelchair.

It is great for dynamic images, which can also be performed anywhere within the x-ray room. Let yourself be inspired and rethink examinations such as gastrointestinal tube placements, swallow studies in light of the opportunities that come with being able to perform flouro Anywhere.



Take charge of patient-side procedures with the in Control console. This easy-to-use console places all the functions you need, right at your fingertips. Four joysticks and an intuitive user interface means direct access to key functions such as system positioning, setting and adjusting image parametres and perform specialised movements, such as inOrbit, iso-centric tracking which lets you expose an anatomy from several angles. InTouch technology in all joysticks on ensures a seamless user experience, while preventing accidental system movements by only reacting to the touch of a hand.


With the latest Canon detectors and imaging software, digital images have never looked better. The features the CXDI 50RF detector, which combines outstanding static image capabilities with high sensitivity, high resolution dynamic capabilities.

One detector is all you need. To expand your versatility, choose from the extensive range of Canon detectors to find a solution that matches your needs.

Intuitive Canon software provides sophisticatedimage processing for premium diagnostic image quality and the extensive portfolio of docked or wireless and portable detector ensures you the highest performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility.


Eliminate unnecessary patient lifts with DR System. This system was designed to provide Access Anywhere you need it, and can easily accommodate space for patient beds, wheelchairs or lifts before, during or after exposures.

All movements are fully automated, which lessens the risk of repetitive stress injuries amongst radiographers. Even manual adjustments are stress free, using the system’s smartHandle and motor-assisted movements.

Keeping the room spotless is easy with Access Anywhere providing plenty of space under the table for industrial cleaning equipment. Furthermore, all surfaces are smooth, hygienic and easy to reach